The activity was born at the will of its founders Roberto Cavallo and Cosimo Cofano, who in 1995 started a construction company. Always reliable and professional has in the long term changed and expanded its position to a view that combines technique, professionalism and attention to image details. Over the years, new changes have been introduced through continuous research of materials in order to improve the quality and supply of services. The experience gained in nearly 20 years of activity has enabled the company to build high quality buildings in recent years, both with regard to the use of materials and constructive techniques adopted for the aesthetics and the functionality of the buildings, without penalizing the quality / price ratio.





  • General Contractor Activity;
  • Purchase, buildings, rebuildings, management and sale of civil and industrial properties;
  • Procurements intake to public bodies and private societies;
  • Building and/or rebuilding of sports facilities;
  • Recovery, rebuilding and new construction of tourist facilities;
  • Recovery, rebuilding and new construction of public and private healthy facilities;
  • Structural design;
  • Architectural findings; 
  • Works management and yards security;
  • Yards management and accounting; 
  • Multiservice Maintenance Services;

  • SOA Certificate;
  • Quality Management System.

Multiservice Maintenance Services
MI.RO. Srl Edili Buildings is able to offer the customer a MULTISERVICE maintenance with the utmost care, technology and high quality.
The maintenance covers the following installations:
-electrical systems;
-thermal plants;
-sanitary systems;
-air treatment and ventilation systems;
-electrotechnical systems;

Our works

Living in an environment that matches our needs, our peace of life and our tastes is possible. From the study of the project, to that of the materials and the surrounding urban layout, MI.RO. Buildings Edili S.r.l. it is proposed to reset the construction limits and to exponentially enhance the leaving design that belongs to you, whatever it is, to provide you with a functional place to live or work in order to make every single environment unique.
Our structure makes it possible to realize from minor works to complex and remarkable works.
It distinguishes us from the ability to carry out our activities with competence, efficiency and seriousness also thanks to the continuous updating of our staff.


Chairman of the Mangement Board

Roberto Cavallo

Vice Chairman of the Management Board

Ing. Cofano Cosimo

Technical and Commercial Direction

Geom. Roberto Simone Giglio

Administrative services and security documents management

Roberta Iannuzzelli

Administrative services and Foreign Affairs

Monica Lambiase

Generals Administrative Services

Daniela Faldini